A history of Singapore karting - From open air carparks to international grade asphalt circuits. How has Singapore karting evolved over the years?

Check out this insightful article from Six-Six News, featuring an in interview with AutoInc Racing Team Boss, Paul Lee.

Full article here: http://www.six-six.com/article/history-of-karting-in-singapore. Excerpt below:

“In the past, karting was just done casually among a small group of enthusiasts at the Kallang open air carpark because we didn’t have a proper track. Back then, there wasn’t much emphasis on safety,” says Paul Lee who is a manager and mentor at AutoInc Racing. Lee is known to the local karting community affectionately as ‘Uncle Paul’ who often shares his racing experience with less experienced drivers.

With the high speed and numerous kerbs around the carpark, naturally accidents occurred says Lee, “I’ve heard of cases where karters would get launched into the air after hitting the carpark kerbs. There are even cases of people landing in the nearby river. Some of the drivers suffered serious injuries but thankfully, no fatalities.” ... Read More