AutoInc is a broker and detailing studio specializing in high-performance, luxury and classic automobiles.

We were founded in 2004 with one vision in mind – To revolutionize the supercar industry. 10 years on, we look back at our humble beginnings and are proud of what we have achieved.

What sets us apart? Simple. Passion begets excellence.

As a trend-setter in the industry, AutoInc firmly believes in promoting trade transparency. This means no gimmicks, no hidden costs, and absolutely no half-truths or un-truths. For our clients, it is a refreshing change of pace from the hard bargains and backroom deals they have grown accustomed to.

It is no wonder we have become one of the most trusted luxury automobile brokers in Singapore, but it doesn’t stop there. Our ongoing pursuit for perfection has led to our selection as Singapore’s only licensed detailer for Zymol, the world’s industry leader in luxury car care products. We stand behind our expertise and dedication with every treatment we deliver – a service we are glad to tailor to your specific needs.